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Marmaris Hisaronu Rhodes Symi Marmaris

1. Day Marmaris - Kadırga Bay

Day is Saturday. Blue tour passengers of the week before, came from the boat after breakfast, Our boat was cleaned and ready for your tour for you. As soon as you have finished your purchase supplies for the tour, we can move. Of course, cleaning your boat, taking the port out your paperwork and after your purchase, your departure will be done nearly afternoon time. In each blue tour on Saturdays, for all of our customers waste of time like 4-5 hours because of these works we've told. We want our guests to Be insightful about this topic. After the captain's needed talk about boat and the identification presentation of the staff and himself, he'll start the blue tour saying''vira anchor''.To dispose the stress of the shopping and while you're coming to your boat, Your boat will be anchored to Kadırga Bay one of the most beautiful bays of Marmaris mountain pass that is about 10 miles an hour from. You immerse yourself in the emerald waters of the Kadırga Bay without wasting time. When you get on your boat, you will see that afternoon tea and snacks of teatime have been prepared by your chef. You're here tonight so you can swim as much as you want. Take photos of yoursel that haven't been sunbathed yet as the memory of the first day, do the same at your last day. Your chef will probably prepare grilled fish or meat for you for the first night Besides of course mediterranean cuisine appetizer will be in abundance.

2. Day Cıftlık Bay - Serce Port

Your captain would have acted before you get up. When you wake up, you'll be at the Cıftlık Bay. Your chef has already brewed the tea and prepared your breakfast table. Cıftlık Bay is a pleasant bay with its nice sea about 3 miles away after Marmaris starit out. Captain will enter the bay of Serce port with a 3-hour cruise after sea break given after the breakfast. Serce port is a nice bay that is closed to all kind of wind. Probably, your lunch will be served here and also sea break will be given to. This is a pleasant bay so swim and enjoy the sea. Your captain will pass to Bozukkale next to Serce port. You will see the historic castle at the entrance, on the starboard side, on the hill. Bozukkale is a sheltered bay with the narrow strait expanding within two stadium-sized and off to all kinds of winds. This place has turquoise blue sea to be called the incredible beauty. You won't be tired of entering the sea. You should see the historical castle of Bozukkale. The castle is 2400 years and well preserved to this day from the past. Alexander the Great made preparations in this bay by boat which consists of 700 parts when he comes to conquer the island of Rhodes. But for some reason he was not successful. Thereupon Rhodes management has built this castle not to live again what happened before. Do not forget to take your camera with you while you're going upstairs to the castle,you can tahe perfect images from the top. You can make angling in Bozukkale. You get the sea pike like capturing exactly gar-fish with the mushroom fishing rod not immersed in the bottom in the evening water. Alone, you should make fishing rod with bait. Care must be taken; You should pay attention to the balloon fish which came from the Red Sea and officially invaded our coast A few seasons ago. The image is a nice fish, when viewed from above, carries the colors of mackerel,is a plump fish with largish head and abdomen white. The fluid secreted from the body is toxic, before holding with your hand, you can show your captain to know the fish. It's a dangerous fish to eat and be sure that will come to fishing rod so many in abundance.

3. Day Sogut - Bozburun

The captain will start off while you're sleeping again. The point after Bozukkale out the front of the lighthouse at the entrance to the Gulf of Hisaronu is acceptable as the united of the Aegean and Mediterranean. Fishermen for years, passing through the nose, throw bread to the sea for the fish to be fertile. You may do the same while you're crossing this area who knows maybe you can catch lots of fish here. Now you're at Hısaronu gulf, your perfecet breakfast table is ready for you. On the left side, so the port side of the boat, Greek island of Symi island now with another name Sombekı island. You get way with our mainland at your starboard side, Your captain will take you to Sogut and Bozburun after a few miles, by logging into Yeşilova bay. Sogut is a small town.This town is a charming place with small restaurants and hostels on the coast. If you love octopus, there are places that only octopus is available, they cook nice octopus, usually grilled octopus is famous. Your captain without losing a lot of time here, will turn the route to Bozburun bay. You will be logged in Bozburun Bay on a sparkling sea. Before coming to there are extremely quiet beautiful little bays to be entered to the sea on the starboard side. At this point, if you wish, captain may enter the port of Bozburun center for overnight.

4. Day Dirsek buku Bay- Kuz Buku Bay

Captain will leave Bozburun bay after the delicious breakfast have been made in the morning. On the starboard side of your boat, large and small, beautiful bays such as lace began to be seen. You can give sea breaks and swim everywhere you want. But the aim of the captain is Dırsek buku and he'll reach this area after a few miles. A magnificent sea and the beach is waiting for you. You will find a calm sea as pool because of being closed set to the winds. Your captain will be approached extremely pristine beach. You can swim as much as you want and you can do water sports if it's available. Enjoy yourself with your loved ones in this perfect bay. You are here for your lunch consisting of Mediterranean cuisine prepared by your chef for you. You'll move to Kuzbuku bay a set of different beauty after the lunch. This bay has got the same beauty. Both of the bays are untouched although small restaurants possible found on both sides at the bottom. You'll be here Kuz buku to spend the night. If the moon is the full moon, or close to it swim in the sea after the dinner,you'll like it. When you come to the boat from the sea,read your book under the moonlight while drinking coffee or tea, this is a great pleasure. You can hear the sound of the earth's rotation thin buzzing in this awesome silence later at night,listen carefully.

5. Day Selimiye Bay

Selimiye and the bay which is in are the most beautiful places in our region. Captain will move to Selimiye bay after the berakfast. Avery clean sea is waiting for you like the other bays. Selimiye village has become a worthy way of the Gulf of Hisaronu with the changes it has undergone in recent years. Places will connect boats, delightful fish restaurants, cafes, small pub style places are the ones to go with the images and décor they give. Crystal clear sea in front every space adds beauty to the village of Selimiye. Captain can stay here in anchored alarga or if possible he can approach shore. You'll stay in Selimiye in every way. Including day and night, enjoy this quaint town. Sit in Sardunya, taste squid and octopus grilled they make perfect, next to a cold cola, do a double raki and a cold beer as cold as ice, do this by the sea under the banana trees, will be very good. After dinner,sit on one of the nice places., have sips of a nice Turkish coffee with the unique images of Selimiye.

6. Day Orhaniye - Kız Kumu Bay

After a lovely day and night in Selimiye, now you're in Kız Kumu /Orhaniye another lovely bay. Kızkumu is another beautiful with its always sparkling calm sea. Kızkumu is an inetersting place you will witness amazing images like fromafar, a lot of people walking in the water looks like on the sea and floating sailing yachts in the bay.This 600 meters in the red color walking path in the sea reduces scientists stunned because of being no perishable from the tides and currents for years. Of course Kızkumu has a very interesting story. Legend is as follows… Once upon a time, the daughter of Bybassos king prevailing in this region falls in love with a fisherman. Every night, up and down the coast,she gives a sign to the young fisherman with lantern in her hand against the beach. He passes to the opposite shore as jumping to the fishing boat, they found the morning dipping in the game of love with the daughter of the king, over time, the relationship of the daughter is described to the king. The enraged king commands the soldiers to catch her after giving her sign, to shoot the man with the arrow when he comes. The soldiers follows the orders of the king and begin to wait the fisherman after catching the daughter. At the moment when they saw him coming by paddling from the opposite beach, the girl freeding from the hands of soldiers, she throws herself running towards the sea To save the man she loves, but she doesn't know swimming. But when runs into the sea by the right the sand starts laying in front of her This amazing event will continue until she reaches the man. Young fisherman while getting out of the boat to cling his beloved, one of the king's archers will shoot these two young lovers embraced each other with and incoming arrows, separate both of them from this world together. Flowing blood coming from tightly wrapped these two young lovers, changes the color of the sand to the red.No one can not afford any more news from these two young people who died wrapped together. Their grave is rumored to be the endpoint of Kızkumu. The sand dyed with the young lover's blood, this remains the same till this time and is red. Now, millions of people will walk on this sand and they wish from the God for the lovers not be separated. It's an interesting legend but you feel both of this two lovers while you're walking to the middle of the sea. There is such a mystical place, Kızkumu, Orhaniye bay is not a place to be abandoned without spending a night with it's calm sea like emerald and pine forests integrate with the sea. Of course captain will stay in the night in this cahrming bay under the pine trees shade of. Enjoy the beautiful night under the stars, lying on the deck with a light breeze coming from the mouth of the bay.

7. Day Bencik Bay - Gunlucek Buku Bay

Following this beautiful night, after a good breakfast Your captain will go to Datça Peninsula coast namely the other side of Hisaronu bay. Bay to go is Bencik , the most interesting bay of this gulf. The bay enters into the forest almost like a sword with a narrow strait. The sea is calm here and there is a wild natural beauty in this bay. Gives very nice images and has a charming beauty with pine forest all around enveloping and boats tied to the coast. Due to the rocky ground anchor location must be taken to choose the best. Once at your anchor, anchor bearing taking your anchor is to check that it scans according to acquire it. It's a narrow bay so captain can leave here without anchoring. When the route kept from starboard side from the exit, 3 miles away-again there is a nature wonderful bay Gonlucek Buku. Sheltered deep blue sea, with a perfect beach bay. You can swim and do water sports here. Gonlucek Buku is avaiable to make overnight here. Captain will stay here for the night and will move to Datca tomorrow morning. Enjoy this nice sea and perfect lunch and dinner your chef has prepared for you.

8. Day Datca

Tomorrow starts with the movement to Datca after breakfast. There is 2 hours of your way. You can sunbathe in your boat while you're crusing. The most beautiful way of tanning takes place during the cruise, You can get bronze colored in a day. Datca is a charming and pleasant town, people are caring and friendly. You can even swim in the small harbor you dock with your boat. The sea is very clean here in this area. In Datça's largest property is, an air that humidity is zero like located in a few places in the world. Datca is a place, those with asthma, living of respiratory distress found health and wellness here. Your captain likely will make water supplements to use here, If you have any missing supplies you can get here. Tomato is incredible natural here,when you cut, the smell occupies everywhere, if you will visit in Datca, take a few pounds. At breakfast,chef will shell and slice small pieces on your plate. After throwing salt, he will hover apple cider vinegar and virgin olive oil. Tomatoes will release the red water and the taste. When he adds the thyme in a little over, the event will be a different size. During your breakfast, it's impossible to eat these tomatoes without bread and its delicious water. Do not forget to buy Datca tomatoes. There is a custom in Datca, Your captain will take your Greek islands ascent here. You'll go to island Symi moving from here tomorrow morning.

9. Day Symi Island

Captain has already started off his way to island Symi after an early breakfast. Symi is one of the 12 Greek islands. As you will notice from the entrance to the island's harbor, The location of the ports and settlements, is like entering into a valley along the sea. With design close to the slopes from the sea, If you attract pictures, gives a very nice images. In this island, classic white blue color shutter Other Greek islands homes on this island, turned into green pastel beige and earth colors. They resemble each other in architecture, so there is a regular disciplined images. After connecting to the port done by captain and making the entry process for Greece, You begin to experience the island now. Fish restaurants side by side on the beach, shops selling sea shells and sponges are the classic images of island Symi. Cleaning of the island and craftsmen, will attract your attention. The Greek government is keeping taxes low received from the islands. . So alcoholic beverages are very cheap. You can find all kinds of drinks at the free shops and stores. The prices are all same. In restaurants, the price is higher than our country. We recommend you to eat your meals in the boat and sitting in the café-style places in Symi. Of course, this is your choice, fish culture is at the high level in fish restaurants, You can take a sit and have an enjoyable fish feast. Captain will stay here tonight. You can go to places that make music and do sirtaki.

10. Day Rhodes

After breakfast, your captain will move to the island of the Knights Rhodes. Rhodes is the biggest of 12 islands. 6000 people live here, There are many villages within the island. Also, has a large airport any aircraft can be up and down. With another name, known as the Sun or light island, because experienced very few days where there is no sun. Island is the economic, and financial center of Southeastern Aegean. Is an island has managed to merge our modern age with the rich history. People are very educated about tourism. All the tourists coming to the island, can find the historical places if he wants history, finds entertaintment if wants fun, finds excellent beaches with crystal sea, if he wants to relax. Island located in a strategic position as a place so lived moving days in the past. BC In 408 BC, the city of Rhodes was an established sun worshipers, has become an important center In terms of religion and trade. At that time, important doric cities Lalissos, Lindos and Kamiros on the island, have join forces to build the city of Rhodes on the island. One after the period, Rhodes has incredible headway in every sense. At that time, one of the seven wonders of the world a statue of Rhodes was built, The best example of the development in this period. The island is large, has many places of cultural historical attractions to visit. So the captain, as you want Two days remaining on the island will support you recognize the island. Have fun a lot, enter the sea in perfect beaches,you'll love so much, live this excellent history and modern beauty in one place.

13. Day Marmaris

Time to leave from this lovely island after the berakfast this morning. Today is the last day of your tour, This evening, your captain has to be in the port of Marmaris. Captain and your staff, will see off you to the cities where you live at the port of Marmaris after breakfast tomorrow. You'll be in your boat at Marmaris port in the night. Marmaris is one of the enjoyable districts of our country with its market, bazaar and entertainment, enjoy yourself until late time. With the hope to be together at a new organization the next year.

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