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Marmaris Ekincik Dalyan Gocek Marmaris

1. Day Marmaris-Kadırga Bay

Our town of Marmaris is the midpoint between the Hisaronu Gulf and the Gulf of Fethiye. You can route to the Gulf of Hisaronu If you want, or if you want you can route towards to Gocek bays. You have chance to travel Marmaris bays in both of the routes. And this route we've arranged is the route of Marmaris, Ekincik, Dalyan and Gocek bays.

Your shopping changes are so many with Marmaris departure, Migros, Tansaş and Kipa provide easy shopping who wants to do shopping for the yachts. In these markets, after you've paid for your boat tour shopping at the queue which is just for boat tour passenges, they bring all shopping to the boats for you. Except these markets also you can purchase your fresh fish from the fish market available outside of these centers, and you can buy also fresh fruit and vegetables from the current markets. And the artisans also carry your shopping to the boat like the others.

Your captain, staff and the boat is ready to go so you can start now. Of course, all the while time was found in the afternoon. Your captain will be take you to one of the closest bay. This bay is Kadırga bay usually located to Marmaris an hour with its natural beauty and seas in the color of emerald. Your meeting with the sea. A seaside break with afternoon Welcome coctails your supervisor prepared will take all your tiredness. After that time there is not a reasonfor your captain to continue the way because a perfect village is here. Your chef will already have begun to dinner preparations. Tonight will be your first night galley at bay.

2. Day Gocek-Buyuk Aga Bay- Kucuk Aga Bay- Gobun Bay

Today your captain'll begin to sail while you're sleeping. Ekincik Dalyan is on your route, but your captain will direct route to Gocek bays without losing time. He'll g oto Ekincik Dalyan area on the back way. You've nearly 4 hours sea way to the first Gocek ways. When you wake up a part of the way has been cruised, While you're having your delicious breakfast your cheff has prepared, the first twin bays you will reach are Buyuk aga bay and Kucuk aga bay. These are the perfect first bays boats visited that cruised on Gocek route. A perfect panorama that the forest embraced with the clean sea. you can swim, sunbathe, and also walk ashore. In the afternoon the captain will move to another beauty Göbün Bay and after will go to Gocek bays passing through Domuz island. At the entrance the first bay by port side is Gobun bay, the beauty of the bay Gobun will captive all from the entrance. Very shallow turquoise sea in the bay, thousands of fish swarm, shabby but pleasant view of the restaurant located on the bottom side of Muammar Bey's business, connected to the stern to starboard sail boats make land, sitting at wooden tables in the restaurant founded by the sea, our sailor friend's enjoying images while drinking raki, tea and coffee and eating fish, the delicious smell of the fish cooked on the grill and rocking hands in the meaning of welcome where they're siiting from. Consequently there's everything for yourself to make you feel good. You're all here tonight. Wellcome to Gobun bay.

3. Day Yavansu Bay - Manastır (Hamam Bay)

Now morning time with all the beauty at Gobun Bay. Wash your face in the sea at Gobun Bay and swim with the fish swarm for a time. You'll meet the delicious breakfast your chef has prepared for you when you get on the boat. Please ask the staff go out to a restaurant for you, they get hot, described as bases for boaters produced in the morning, have a delightful breakfast.

The distances between Gocek baysa re so short so you come from one and then go the other one. After a short while you're at Yavansu Bay which has very clean sea. You may do water sports here. After the lunch you'll g oto Manastır with the other name Hamam Bay. You'll see ancient ruins on the left at the entrance. This place is known as the Cleopatra's bath that the Egyptian queen used.The deep part of the Bay is a good example for the merger of sea and forest. You will see pine trees out of the water. You'll find a nice breeze coming from the Dalaman coastline passing through Hamam Bay. It's really so nice to anchor in this area when it's very hot and your captain will do the same exactly. You're here tonight and enjoy this great bay. Listen to the music, read your favourite book and have sunbath.

4. Day Sarsala Bay - Bedri Rahmi Bay

After the breakfast your captain'll take you to Buyuk Sarsala Bay. Sarsala Bay is also as beautiful as the others. There is a nice beach at the bottom side. You can have sunbath at the beach or walk in the forest. The most importan detail to enjoy every moment wherever you are at each bay. Maybe you'll have your lunch at Bedri Rahmi Bay.He'll will make the water replenishment for the boat from the available water resources here. If you are keen on angling, this is the most appropriate place. You can get back beautiful fish with your fishing boat throwing a few laps in the bay. You can get Lambuka is a fish tempered yellow green dovetail. It tastes so delicious if it's girilled when it's fresh. You're here tonight, With the hope of having grilled lambuka and green salad on the menu.

5. Day Tersane Bay - Yassica Islands - Boynuz buku Bay

Today is your last day at Gocek Bays and there are 3 more nice bays you'll see. Your chef'll serve your breakfast at the bay you'll go in the morning. The first one is Tersane bay remaining from Ottoman period. You'll see historical ruins from that period. This is a bay where the sailors have been refuged inclement weather also in the past. Yassıca islands are the second area to go after sea break and breakfast. Consists of four small islands at almost sea level. You can visit four of them by swimming. Water is not so deep you'll like and enjoy it. Boynuz Buku is the third bay covered by lush sweetgum trees and have the crystal clear sea. Overnight will be here.

6. Day Ekincik- Dalyan- Marmaris

Captain will start the route while you're sleeping this morning. 3 hours to Ekincik- Dalyan. A sparkling beach and the sea will meet you when you come to Dalyan. Iztuzu beach is a wonder of nature. There is a sand here like silk where caretta left eggs here and aslo Shallow sea. Every year hundreds of hatchlings from eggs, they ran into the sea from the sand, is an interesting natural phenomena. G oto the beach and have sunbath, walk on the beach, If you correspond with the period in which the eggs of turtles, you can capture amazing images. If you want you can visit the caunos Hareb , Dalyan with the small boats therein, make a mud bath. After lunch your captain will take the route to Marmaris and afternoon will be docked at the marina Marmaris. Your last night will be spent at the boat again. Marmaris is a beautiful moving country, You can visit the night bazaar, bar you can enjoy in the bar Street. The time has come to say goodbye after breakfast on Saturday morning. Your staff will be passenger you up to your car or to vehicles taht will take you to airport. Hopes are always best for you, We hope to meet again next season with a perfect Tekneturk organization. Goodbye.

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