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Bodrum Greek Islands Gocek (14 Days)

1. Day Bodrum - Kos (Istankoy)

Bodrum is a town where blue tour starts. When you come to your boat, to Bodrum harbor for your tour, you get excited in a different way. Of course the preparation of the boat for you,finishing your shopping, making overseas checkout process dependents to the time and your departure will found 15.00-16.00 in the afternoon. So the first stop of your captain is Kos Greek island 1 hour from Bodrum.Be sure that shopping shortages you live in Bodrum and also stress on your way coming to Bodrum will all be over in a moment. Your captain will give you sea break to swim like emerald waters with 5 o'clock tea snacks near the center of Kos.After you'll be already in the harbour, you can leave yourself the island of Kos bazaar till the dinner time while your captain is making your entry process to Greece.

After an excellent dinner prepared by your chef , don't stay in your boat anymore because The nightlife in the island Kos is perfect, the beach bars for those who want a romantic, pleasant evening, street full of restaurants and clubs are available for those who want a lively evening.You can enjoy until the morning.Kos is not an island will be finished in one night, It is not at all a small island and can not be finished in one week. But there are 6 more beautiful from each other Greek islands on your route. Your captain will sail to Nisyros at noon.

2. Day Nisyros (Incirli)

3 hours later, after your departure from the island of Kos, You're at Nisyros Island. Nsyros is a small island. But in the past to today there is a great cultural heritage the people who lived here has been carried so far. If you have the opportunity easy to reach, is a volcanic island of Nisyros. It is said that the island is formed as a result of explosions in the past year because of this volcano which is still considered to be active inside. The largest crater is 250 m. in diameter and 40 meters depth,you should see. Plus you absolutely must visit folklore museum which is very interesting. If you love to walk the island is a perfect place in this regard. Do not forget to take your camera with you where ever you are. Mother Mary cave the is the location of the Christian cross. This is the cave where the most important official involvement of Mother Mary is. Mandraki is the center of the island. There are lots of places to visit, evaluate it, because the afternoon is nearly approached. Probably, your captain will stay the night here,he'll sail to island Tilos early in the morning.

3. Day Tilos - Halki

You'll move to the island Tilos After the delicious breakfast you chef prepared for you. We have 2 hours sea journey ahead of us. If you have back or rapala fishing, leave behind, give 70-80 meters slack during the cruise, you can get some nice fish, This region is abundant in fish.Tilos is very quiet island, a total of 300 people live here. But all of them are friendly, hospitable and nice people.You'll love the people living here.After swimming break,you can go out to the land. You can spend a very enjoyable time mingling with the people's life. You can eat quality, cheap and fresh fish, shrimp, squid . The islands of the sea is as clear as crystal, swim and enjoy the sea.After lunch, your captain will go to Halki island 2 hours away from Tilos. Overnight will be held on this island.

Halki is an interesting island. We recommend a holiday in the island of Halki for those who is tired of the city life, island is like a therapy. The population of the island is around 400. There are incredibly hospitable people living here, have a noble style and image.Like,they're reflecting a quality of life experienced in the past. There are no vehicles on the island. nobody is disturbed in this case, You can walk everywhere you go. The architecture of the center is very attractive. The island has got nice harbour; blue Shuttered, whitewashed houses and narrow streets scattered around the harbor give amazing images. You should sit on the beach to one of the restaurants or cafes, friendly people will give you peace of mind. Alcohol drinkers, do a double ouzo with squid. Fish culture is at top level, Everything is very cheap on the island. Service is very clean and perfect. The island nation will be almost mobilized to make you happy.After dinner in the night , do not stay in the boat, go out absolutely. Do not miss the peace of mind to live on this island, you can swim everywhere all day, sparkling sea will embrace you. The entire island is surrounded by the sea, white sandy beaches and the sea like emerald. It is impossible to get enough of the island.

4. Day Alinia - Symi

After a perfect breakfast will be spread in a few hours in the morning, now the target is the island Symi at a distance of 3 hours. On the road, a small island Alinia is located has excellent beaches. Your Captain can visit the island for a beautiful seaside break and also for you to see the island. The island is a small settlements,between Rhodes and Halki. After a visit to this island,captain will keep the rudder to the island Symi without wasting time. Simi is one of the 12 islands. While you're entering the harbor Gialos the center of the island Symi, you will have a magnificent view. You should take the photos of this view. Geographical structure of settlements; a bay ingoing like a valley, established home in the bottom and the steep slope to the port side and starboard, Creates images like postcard style. Another feature you will notice are the colors of the house. Other classic white image of greek island changes the colour in the island Symi, homes in General pastel shades of earthy colors and yellow. A rocky structure Is dominated by in settlements,You can't see green area so much. The island is very close to our main land, remains in the mouth of the Gulf of Hisaronu. Hosts so many boats make visits from Turkey to Symi. The center of the island Symi is a small area.You can visit everywhere in 1-2 hours. A greater density is experienced in the harbor at the season. The boats came early in the day time can locate in the harbor,the boats remains to the afternoon, can stay at anchor also cast off. The little sailboats that know this they prefer to accommodate at Pedi bay overlooking yesilova bay side. You can go to the centre by taxies from here.

5. 6. Day Rhodes

Your captain will move to Rhodes the largest of the Dodecanese Islands after breakfast today. The issue is a sea journey to three hours In total. In Simi departure, leave your fishing rod back with the rear rapala. Especially you can want from your captain to be close to the island for a while and want to go a little lower speed.You can take a couple of big and good fish. Fish may come will be Sinarit, Leer and lambuka, are huge and delicious fish. There is still tea and coffee Remaining from breakfast. But our advice is a cold beer with cheddar cheese and salty peanut, will be delightful. Rhodes is a different island,the other two names are the light island and sun island.There is no day without sun in the island,this why called with these names. Therefore, the island influx of tourists from all over the world including the Greeks, of course there are other reasons to be interested in seeing. Warm and friendly people who knows tourism very well, many civilizations many civilizations past to today, is that lived on the island from past to today, offers incredible choices in the name of historical beauty. If you ask for entertainment and nightlife,your are exactly at the scene you say. More precisely, Rhodes has a vibrant living environment for 24 hours.Rhodes is the largest of the Greek islands with a population up to Six thousand people.

Rhodes is one of the popular holiday resorts of Greece. Excellent beaches, sea water, such as Crystal, shopping malls, restaurants of fish make the island unbeatable. The island is large and numerous of Turkish live here. The number of attractions to visit is too much. If we want to count some of them is like Suleyman Mosque, the Admiralty Palace, the ancient Acropolis of Rhodes, the new market, the old medieval town, Castellani, Lindos Acropolis, Murat Reis Mosque, Evangelismos church.

Captain will stay here for 2 days and 2 nights. You'll ask also. Enjoy Rhodes, enjoy to the full, plenty of structure sirtaki.You'll feel yourself better.

7. Day Bozukkale

After breakfast this morning,we take leave to greek islands making your ascent from Rhodes customs. You are moving to one of the beautiful bays in our country, Bozukkale. Of course, our bays are as beautiful as bays of Greek islands. While you're entering Bozukkale bay, you see the historic castle of Bozukkale on a rocky hill on the port side of the boat. At the time when the Great Alexander wanted the siege of rhodes, had made preparations of the siege here consisting of 700 parts of the ship. But this siege was not successful. Thereupon, Corrupt castle was built at BC 3rd century in Rhodes, to avoid these problems again. The castle is well-preserved since that time and age in 2400. The structure is Hellenistic. When you enter to the bay by the the boat, blue sea in turquoise meets you, is a place of incredible beauty completely surrounded by mountains. Sheltered from the all type of winds. Is an excellent bay to be inhabited and spend the night. You enjoy the sparkling and Enjoyable. Dursun Ali Baba Restaurant is located just below the location of the castle, is an extremely beautiful shabby but delightful venue to eat fresh fish, squid, octopus. This place is frequented by our friends especially the sailors. We recommend taking your camera, and browse the castle, taking amazing squares above,when you go down,sit at Dursun's restaurant. Treat yourself With fried calamari or grilled octopus with a double cold raki or a cold bottle of Coke. Will be very good for you. Overnight, of course, will be in this beautiful bay. Your dinner will be a long and enjoyable in your boat at this natural beauty of the place that Winds off.

8. Day Pirate Bay - Port Sparrow - Farm Bay

Bozukkale is a unique set by itself. Your captain will show you the place right next Pirate Bay while you're leaving Bozukkale. Even Rocky debris in front of the bay sticks the entrance of the bay, When you enter the back of the rocky towards the sparrow harbour, you will see the entrance to the pirate bay. The bay is very small, two boats will be comfortable, three boats surplus income, a such a small bay. But literally, is a little paradise. Below you, you will see the milky blue sea and thousands of juvenile fish swarm, when you enter the water, you can swim with them.The bay is like a natural swimming pool off the wind. We wish no more inside the boat, your captain can enter. If you have the chance, after a swimming break will be given, it is moved to the right side of the harbor sparrow. Sparrow harbor, expanding inside the throat behind the narrow entrance rather, is a bay in a sense to be able to measure the size of the stadium. Is generally closed to the winds. A bay that overnight can be done. Your captain will show you only the bay and will move to the farm bay in front of Marmaris bays. Ciftlik bay is before the entrance of Marmaris strait. Approximately 1 hour at a distance to Sparrow port. A small island in front bay of farm protects the during inclement weather. Have a beautiful panoramic view and a clean sea like crystal clear. You can swim at the beach, you can go to restaurants on the waterfront. Your captain will probably to spend a night here. Today, you can swim in the cıftlık port and have sunbathe in the afternoon.

9. Day Ekincik - Dalyan

After breakfast, your captain will set out to go directly Dalyan ekincik. Of course, you may want to enter to Marmaris from your captain. If you want to see Marmaris and walk in the bazaar, Marmaris, in this sense, is enjoyable place. This depends on your request. Enter to Marmaris is just a day by boat for you and will stay there overnight. Also Marmaris is famous for its nightlife. There are available spaces that entertainment, dance are continued until the morning in the bars street in the harbour. You have the fullest opportunity to have fun In a mobile environment. Of course, if we continue in the direction of Ekin Dalyan means we have a way out of our route 2-2.5 hours. Ekin and Dalyan is a different size. The tranquil beauty of the bay ekincik and the feature of the wind off is important.

My Marine restaurant is located on the starboard side at Ekincik bay entrance is the top quality restaurant in the area. Sailing boats can be connected to the front of and also pier is available for the larger boats. How is a restaurant can be built without disturbing the nature, you will see, in this sense is a very good example. Connecting the front, you can stay overnight, you can get your electric water you need here. To watch the sinking of the evening sun is very enjoyable from the My marine. Cuisine and seafood on the menu is excellent. When you come to the venue you admire to the design, the quality and service you take.

The immediate vicinity of the bay, there are natural wonders Dalyan and Iztuzu beach in. In the entrance of Dalyan, , there is a mini-cruise will show you Dalyan becausev large boats can not enter Dalyan. If you want to visit Dalyan,they take you by boarding your boat and show around Dalyan to you and later they'll leave you to your boat again. You should see the incredible beauty of Dalyan and Kaunos ancient city. Certainly Scrolling to Iztuzu beach,have sunbath on the sand as silk on the beach. Swim in the sea as crystal as clear. If you coincided with the time of ovulation, Witness the evolution of the natural breeding of the turtles. Your captain will spend the night at bay ekincik an will move to bays of Gocek tomorrow.

10. Day Buyuk Aga - Kucuk Aga Bays

Captain is ready to move again after breakfast,our target is the wonder of nature beauty in Gocek bays. The first stops will be kucuk aga and buyuk aga bays after the turn of kurt burnu.Perfect forest combined with excellent sea will meet you. These twin bays are perfect in the sense of relaxing, walking, fishing, and swimming. You can make great walks when you go out to the land. You're here tonight,while you're having your delicious dinner your chef has prepared for you, you will feel once again the beauties of our country. You will very happy to be there.

11. Day Gobun bay - Hamam Bay

Your captain will be logged to Göbün bay through the passage pig island today. A bay where you can admire the beauty. The bay is sheltered and off to all kind of wind. There is a spectacular image, which consists of pine and olive trees. Bay is the meeting point of especially our sailing friends. This is the best one in the local cuisine. When yo sit at the table,just tell what you want to drink and do not mix anything else, they will offer incredible local delicacies in front of you., warm flatbread bread they made is so delicious. If you want you can choose your fish you want to eat. They do great steamed of grouper and diagnosis. If your captain advance notice one day before, they prepare and offer a goat diagnosed its flavor is incredible.Cooked goat comes in the middle of the table on a large tray, above is fried golden brown. The biggest in pleasure is to eat the tandoor by hand is by tearing after washing the hands. When you shake holding the bone, all meat is poured into tray. There is wine and raki for the ones who wants to drink alcohol, also cold coke and homemade buttermilk for the others.They are not expensive venues, you can be surprised because of the account if you think about the delights and the given service.

Monastery hamam bay is a different beauty in different sizes. You can see the ruins of an old bath in the water at the southwest of the bay. So, here's another name passes as Cleopatra bath. Apparently Cleopatra loved our country in the past, everywhere is referred as Cleopatra bath, Cleopatra beach and the island of Cleopatra or bay of Cleopatra.The overnight will be made here or in the previous set Göbün bay. Both of them are the great bays. If there is a full moon in the night you stay, Lie on sunbathing cushions at the deck, get something to drink and your book with you and Read your book in the moonlight, you'll love it.

12. Day Sarsala Bay - Bedrı Rahmı Bay

Captain will move to First Sarsala bay and then Bedrı Rahmı bay after a long and pleasant breakfast. Sarsala bay is a large bay integrated with the sea, located at the bottom of a beautiful beach. Your captain will remain here until lunch time, you can swim in the very clean sea, do watersports if there are in the boat or if you want you can have sunbath. You'll be at one of the most beautiful bays of Gocek Bedrı Rahmı Bay after the lunch.Fish figure Bedri Rahmi made on the rock at the log in to starboard became the symbol of this area. The bay makes great fish, you can get a nice big lambuka back to your fishing by the boat of the hull with a lower speed especially early in the morning and evening.That's delicious fish and your cheff prepares for you perfectly. At night, you can make your bait fishing from the boat. If there are squid or shrimp in Your boat as bait, would be quality forage, quality bait means quality fish. Captain will spend the night in this beautiful bay.

13. Day Tersane Bay - Boynuz buku Bay

Tersane Island is the largest island in the Gulf of Fethiye. The winter harbor reached by a narrow channel entrance is full of historical monuments.This is a shipyard from the Ottoman period. At that time, was the port of refuge in the Gulf for sailors.

It is a enjoyable bay and is suitable for anchorage. Captain will move to Boynuz buku bay after the lunch break served here. Boynuzbükü remains between Gocek and Bedri Rahmi Bay. The most impressive display in the bay are all Sweetgum Trees covering the bay.After the tea and coffee break will be provided with your snacks and swimming break in the afternoon at this beautiful bay, captain will move to Gocek port. Gocek will be your entertaintment venue this evening.After your last breakfast on the morning of Day 14, your holiday is over and it's time to leave the boat. Just like when you logged in to your boat, your boat will be cleaned by staff and new customers will be logged in the boat close to noon. Of course, you've got used to the staff and boat and the same for the staff also during the 14 days, to leave will be difficult. After the last photo as a memory with wishes to meet next year, you're going to the city where you live, but also you're taking many memories with you. Stay with health, We hope we will be together in a new organization of Teknetürk next year.

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