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Gocek - Gocek Route (7 days and 14 days)

We want to give information about the route of our region before we provide our Gocek-Gocek route to you. In front of Gocek, there are nearly 30 bays to go between very short distance with Gocek departure. If you include the other side of the Gulf of Fethiye this number removes up to 64, it is not possible to visit Such a region composed of the bays processed as lace in a week or two weeks.While We are preparing our present course, we prepared describing the most beautiful bays to visit. If your tour out this route is a week By examining bays, you can fit a route for a week.Or if you say that, you want to visit all these bays, we want to spend the night in each bay we've been and liked and we really want to enjoy the pleasure of this tour,you should think about your tour for 14 days so 2 weeks. The number of days of course are under your savings. We will transfer as a weekly tour to you to see the favorite ones of Gocek bays this tour.

1. Day Osman Aga Bay - Gunluklu Bay

Gocek is the most suitable place of our region to reach the boat came to the plane because of the close proximity to Dalaman airport as soon as possible in order. Shopping is easy, markets and Gocek trades will leave purchases you make up to your boat.

Your boat is ready, Your captain, will meet you during a welcome cocktail commissioned by your supervisor, introduces the staff and the boat and sets off saying vira bismillah. Of course, you will find this out in the afternoon saying preparation, shopping, port, output documents.The first stop is at Osman aga bay for swimming and passing to holiday mode as soon. A seaside break will be here, will come good to you.After this break your captain will move to Gunluklu bay that is next to Osman aga bay. Beach and the surrounding area is perfect at this bay. All bays are surrounded with sweetgum trees, where you will look you have great pleasure is like a postcard because of natural structure of the whole bay from the environment. This is the first day and Your captain will be spend the night in this beautiful bay, Your chef has prepared the evening snacks,will be served with tea and coffee. Afterwards, dinner for the first nigh preparations will begin preparations. You can swim a lot in the meantime, Take your fishing rod, hold the fish. If you want, you will come ashore by boat. Take a walk in the trees, and start your photo shoot. When you return to your boat you will find an excellent dinner table with all kinds of food mediterranean cuisine prepared with appetizers and drinks. Everyone's eyes are brilliant, everyone was happy, sit at your table with your loved ones and chat until late. Enjoy your Gocek tour from the first day.

2. Day  Boynuz Buku Bay- Kile Buku Bay

Your captain is the person who knows the best with experience, to connect, the bays spend over the night. During your touri will take you to the most beautiful bays must see. Every morning, while you sleep, he will move to the next bay. When you wake up, you will be awakened in a new bay, you'll wake up with the smell of a new non-fried fritters, The freshly brewed tea, toast smell of cooked sausage in butter.A delicious breakfast is waiting for you at your tabl and now you're at Boynuzbuku.The style of blur tour is like this; Every morning to wake up in a new bay, breakfast and lunch to do there. To eat afternoon tea time snacks and dinner at a second bay and spend over the night at that bay. Do not miss the beauty of the bays saying'' Let's see a more bays available'', Enjoy your time or bay it through all the way. Because each bay is nice aparting from eachother. Do not rush, enjoy the beauty of the place you go.

As we've told before, Captain will move to Kıle Buku after the lunch. Very pleasant beach of a cute twist of Kile and around day and the accompanying forest consisting of pine trees. Crystal clear sea is incredible. Church ruins in the shade of the pine trees are interesting,visit and walk in the forest. Your captain has made land the boat from the stern.You're here tonight so enjoy the night. Tell your supervisor, to cook fish tonight, in an earthen vessel, next buttered shrimp cizleme, mixed green salad with feta cheese on the top side of fractured Us. melon cheese course you have to be served anda tea.

3. Day Bedri Rahmi Bay - Sarsala bay

In the morning, you'll wake up in Bedri Rahmi Bay one of the beautiful bays of Gocek bay after nice enjoyable night.Jump into the sea before washing your face and hands, a perfect place is here, come to yourself in the sea. Then, sit on your excellent breakfast desk prepared again for you, enjoy your breakfast.Drink your tea,coffee and fresh orange juice and start your day in high sipirits.

Bedri Rahmi Bay, is a rich bay in terms of fish.Get on the boat taking the ridge fishing rod with you early in the morning,the staff will help you as driving the boat for you, Take a few laps in the bay especially in the preamble, you will receive a very nice large lambuka. The chef will grill them for you for lunch,before putting them on the grill,pour salt to the fish and also olive oil,do not drying the fish, keep hydrated.That's fresh fish and Enjoy the delicious fish.

As usual, The captain will move to another bay name in Sarsala bay after lunch.Sarsala is a bay those who wants to swim daily at the perfect beach at the bottom reached by road,has a very clean sea. In the introduction, on the left, there is a restaurant can be connected to the boat pier.That restaurant is where you can find the local food,the prices are well suited.If you want you can go out and eat something over there.This bay is really nice that you'll enjoy. Overnight will be here. To wake up in another bay in the morning, get plenty of chat.

4. Day Hamam Bay - Yavansu Bay

When you wake up, you are still in a different dimension. Your captain has approached the most beautiful place of Hamam Bay.You can feel yourself better swimming in the sea, because the sea is as clear as crystal. On the port side of the entrance, you will see the ancient ruins of the baths. That remains also taken the name of the bay, also referred to as Cleopatra bath. Everywhere in the bay are integrated almost by pine forests. Brings continuous strong winds by put the bottom, sailors take pleasure in sailing in front of Hamam bay.It is possible to sail with apaz paced course at the front. Moreover, apaz progress can made up to the bottom side of the side Yavansu bay. Although it's not windy in Gocek bay although,our sailor friends can plenty sail at the mouth of the bay of Hamam. They can navigate to the Domuz island with pupa course or course with wide apaz ,turns back right to Hamam bay is starboard pier, a beautiful windward course.The second bay of today is Yavan water bay.This bay is ideal to relax and spending the night with clean sea and also to connect for the boat.Your captain is here tonight.Time to do water sports,swimming and fishing.

5. Day Gobun Bay - Tersane Bay

When you woke up this morning in a bay of incredible beauty. Gobun bay is one of the most perfect bays with turquoise sea and off all winds.Gobun Bay is a small bay and It is frequented by more sailboats. From the entrance of the bay to the starboard side and Motoryacht Gulet can be connected.There is a perfect restaurant serves local specialties.If you didn't have your breakfast, you can get very tasty and hot flatbread produced in this restaurant.Or you can go out to this restaurant for lunch. Make sure the food will be excellent regional.The other bay that you'll go after lunch is Tersane Bay remaining from Ottoman period. Inside, you will find many ancient ruins in this sense.Tersane Bay is like a marina the sailors took refuge in inclement weather in this area because of being completely sheltered from the winds.Your captain will spend the night here tonight.

6. Day Yassıca islands

Yassıca, consists of interesting small little islands and they're very close to each other, there are 10-12 meters search.You can see 4 of these islands as a result of half an hour swimming. The islands are not so high,almost at sea level.In this island, sea and also sand is so nice.The captain will stay here till the evening time, enjoy these little islands.

And this the last day of your blue tour.,captain has to berth to Gocek port.Your entertainment venue is Gocek or your boat tonight. It is time to say goodbye after breakfast.Your boat will get ready for the next week's new quest in the afternoon. The captain and crew will say goodbye to you as aligning with best wishes. With the hope to meet again in Teknetürk organization the next season. Be in health and wellness.

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