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Fethiye Kekova Route

1. Day Fethiye Bays

Your boat has been prepared for you on Saturday the first day of your cruise,you've already done your shopping.But all these processes are passed on time, time is nearly 15:00 or 16:00 afternoon time. Fortunately, the captain sailed with vira anchor command.Of course captain wants to meet you with the sea as soon as possible in thought , Fethiye Kekova route in motion, the closest coves on the starting point, are put before the Hawk nose.And your captain will also stay in one of the most beautiful bays in this area.The meeting between you and the sea is the first break to meet with the staff.Your cheff will start his service including tea time snacks before Before dinner refreshments. First dinner on the boat, is a nice meal on the table at the top of the stern,everybody is in holiday mode with full of positive energy. The looks are brilliant. This energy is reflected to the staff, everyone participates in the wishes of having a nice holiday. Yachts For Rent Fethiye

2. Day Ships Island-Oludenız

While you're sleeping your captain is on his way after taking the anchor. When you wake up from sleep, a perfect breakfast table is ready on the deck , that of freshly squeezed orange juice, the smell of coffee and the tea as you hear will revive you. You will change to a different size when your captain makes the land from the stern of the island. Ships islands is at the southern end of the Gulf of Fethiye and center 9 miles away to the center. There are several churches on dating from the Byzantine period. In ancient times, the name St. Nicholas, st. Known as Nicholas. Island also in Grade 1 sites and is an open air museum. If you will be paying money entry fee of 5 TL to candidates, Do not forget your camera on the boat. The sea is incredibly clean, enter the sea dragos. The overnight of the second day will be here. Sailing Boat For Rent Fethiye

3. Day Valley of the Butterflies - Pumpkin Bay

After breakfast, at the end of the visit of the beach of Oludenız and Belcekız, will be moving to the butterflies valley.It's a perfect valley. Take plenty of photos The size of the valley at the entrance, excellent view of the right and left slope.Your captain will give sea break here.This valley is open to the wind. Since there is no shortage of the sea, you can spend a few hours here.The next stop is Pumpkin bay.16 km east of Oludenız. In the first degree is a natural protected area. In the interior of High rocks wall, Alader waterfall, sandalwood, juniper, pine forests are an amazing nature. 200 meters next to the charming beach,there are Boncuklu bay on the right,sean and a cave with a land entrance on the left.The captain will complete the transition to Kalkan today.Movement is to Kalkan. Blue Tour

4. Day  Kalkan - Kas

Kalkan is a preference for vacationers Although not within the possession of the historical, with the mystical beauty of the location.The name in the past is Kalamaki. there is an excellent cave your captain will stop on the way before arrival to Kalkan. Kaputaş cave and next Kaputaş Beach. You can see all shades of blue with the reflection of the sun in this cave in height 50 meters long, 40 meters wide and 15 meters.A perfect place that should be seen. Kalkan is a beautiful district to be visited will be starting ashore break.The target is Kas with Kalkan departure. Kas is one of our charming town of Antalya, Moves historic beauty within. Across the town, the Greek island Meis is located from 2100 meters,the nearest Greek island to our country. Is an important point of Turkey in terms of underwater, natural and historical. It is also of the best diving area in Turkey. Your captain will make to spend a night here.

Nights in Kas are pleasant, enjoy yourself.

Kiralık Tekneler

5. Day Kekova – Kalekoy

You'll se you're in Kekova when you wake up in the morning.You're in the center of Lycian civilization. You will see sarcophagi in your neighborhood, covers out of the water body in the water, shore you will see stairs going down to the water. A few steps out of the water, the remaining steps under water. The following city is Lycian. The collapse of Kekova Island and Kaleköy result from fault layer is separated from each other. Lycian civilization has remained under water. If you have a mask and snorkel, you must follow the top of this awesome image. Üçağız entrance to the village is amazing with the right location and historic beauty of the remaining Kaleköy. You must log in restaurants Kalealtı slope necessarily a tea coffee or a cold beer and Your camera should always be in your hands. There is much to be written about Kekova, this page is not enough, You'll see when you go, is accepted as the eighth wonder of the world. We hope Turkish government opens this historical treasure as the underwater museum to tourism someday, we find a chance to watch Lydian civilization with the show of the big grouper fish. Rental Motoryacht Fethiye

6. Day Way Back-Fethiye

Your captain will sail today rightly early.Target area is Fethiye. He has to incline to Fethiye harbor Friday in the evening.You'll stay overnight in Fethiye.You should leave the boat like 09:00 or 10:00 after breakfast in the morning. The customers of the new week will enter after the boat's cleaning as your arrival to the boat at the beginning.Your captain has identified puts incurred in return while on the way back.Sea and meal breaks will be given at these bays.Fethiye is a good chance to enjoy your last night. Gulets For Rent Fethiye

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