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Bodrum Southern Greek islands Route (7 Days)

1. Day Kos
Leaving from Bodrum port,your luggage has been put in the cabins,everyone is in holiday mode,shorts and slippers are worn,welcome meeting has been done by the captain and introduced the staff and the boat,we have a shortage off and now time and bota are neta for all and the captain gives the command.Vira anchor. Movement begins to Kos one of the biggest islands of Dodecanese with the othername Istankoy. Your captain's welcome catering buffet food and drinks adds color to this good start.Kos is not far away, You will be traveling on the island after 12 sea miles/ 1.5 hours.Island Kos is really pleasant with clean sea,beaches and also night life. Your captain knows sure that he'll stay in Kos the first night. Make plenty of Sirtaki fun to the full. Good start to this beautiful Greek island tours.


2. Day Nisyros - Tilos
Captain will have already moved to go to the next island while you're sleeping with the fatigue of the night.Our route is to island Nisyros in the other name incirli island. Kos Nisyros to 23 knots,you have nearly 3 hours way.Guests who wakes up early, wakes up with the smell of smelly tea prepared before breakfast. Freshly squeezed orange juice, perfect breakfast prepared by your chief is waiting for you.
You will see when approaching Nisyros are a large church on the rocks and interlocking streets and stairs.It's a nice view. This island has a small square with the junction of the whole street. It's is a place where there are cute little café around.There are two big trees in the middle of the square. One of them is wild chestnut and the other is magnolia. This island has a visual beauty but compared to other Greek islands it is calm. Maybe a lunch break and the sea can be.It's a good idea not to stay over the night here.And with this idea, movement to the island of Tilos within 15 knotsi, within 1.5 hours. Of course, we're giving these distances for our classic blue tour boat Gulet. This time will be shortened much more with yachts.
We are leaving Nisyros that we have unanimously neglected to spend the night.The next island is Tilos island inverted S-shaped 800 people live in,name in the past was Ilyaki. The abundance of water resources, the candidate has put the forefront of agricultural cropping. It has a sea especially as crystal clear, accommodation less. Pristine mountainous areas are available. Nature has excellent hiking area for loving friends. You can watch the incredible beauty of sunset on the island. In this sense it is a very romantic and pleasant place. It's time to give a nice seaside break in the noon while eating the snacks such as brioche bun cake that your chef prepared at your tea time. We are here tonight.

3. Day Halki
It's 48 nautical miles from the island of Tilos to rhodes. This is not looking to do a day, Everyone is very tiring, 6 is a sea voyage like clockwork. On Tilos Halki island rhodes route undergoes the need to shorten the path. Distance of 14 nautical miles. Halki is close to the west coast of the island of Rhodes. Log in, draws attention to the castle hill, with architecture reminds a bit of the island now. Is famous for its fish, you can eat fish and squid, lawn grass shrimp, grilled octopus, in the small restaurants. Fish culture of the Greek islands are advanced people. It is an art to cook fish and They perform it expertly. Would be good if the overnight is done there because the next day Halki has rhodes route and 34 nautical miles. Enjoy this lovely Greek island, Consume plenty of seafood, if you drink alcohol allow the Turkish raki you take with you to accompany you.

4. Day Rhodes
Your captain even sailed to Rhodes, Mandraki harbor lifting anchor whileyou're sleeping. Get ready to enjoy breakfast prepared by your supervisor while watching the turquoise blue waters. If you brought back with you fishing, Leave behind your boat surely you will get the fish back in the area. Fish are abundant in, will be installed on your big lambuka Fatso fishing. You get Sinagrit Rapala passing through the nose head. You're good in that sense you love shopping and entertainment. whiskey and other special drinks are very cheap compared to other countries Central Greek government takes very little alcohol sales tax on the islands. 1000 cl. Jack daniels whiskey is 20 euro. You can type.Rhodes castle near the port and the bazaar draw your attention.Rhodes is one of the richest Greek islands. Is an island that the history and modern life is a combination. The city is flooded with over 3 million visitors each year. Has a large tourism revenue, Rhodes statue is a symbol of the city. City of ancient, medieval and provides examples of modern architecture. Famous dish is a omelets, coconut, almonds and figs are in. Surely you should eat your departure is a perfect omelette. Restaurants usually offer seafood. But appealing to the palate is available in a very special place.

5. Day Symi
Your captain will not go on the route early this morning. you can continue your tour in Rhodes to get up early to your breakfast,you can stay one more day if you like.Of course it's up to you.Your captain wil move to symi afternoon time. Rhodes Simi between 21 nautical miles. 3 hours then you have a way. Your chef will offer you a nice lunch on the way. Chefs Know the best in the kitchen is Mediterranean kitchen. They really great success in it. Simi is one of the closest island to our mainland. Such as land into a central valley consists of a beautiful bay. Right and left slopes are high. The houses are built on these slopes.They give beautiful images. Close to each other are painted in pastel shades. Greek government has established an inter-island yet, oversees the architecture of all the Greek islands. Take care to be very close to each other architectural structures. This will create the perfect image of all the Greek islands. No one can develop according to their wishes nice home, do not let on. Their traditions to all the tourists coming to the island, they sell the images. You will not be disturbed by any vendor or restaurant employees wandering around the island. People with the cleanliness of the island, you feel at peace with modern images of yourself. Image pollution, you can not live there the sign disgrace. Millions of tourists come to this island and they leave large sums of money each year.Income is based on all of the tourism and and the Greek government, they may remain on the island, they live here because they see great support people of the island.Hope everything will be same in our country in the future.We're staying in Symi tonight , You will enjoy this pristine little island.

6. Day Knidos – Bodrum
After an early breakfast in the morning be made in Symi,your captain will be placed to Knidos in a correct way taking the output from the Greek island. knidos is in our mainland and at the the end point of Datca peninsula. An ancient city dating from the 3.Century. Paris of that period, an ancient city where the artist and All scientists live in the Mediterranean basin. The world's first sundial is there, Ancient large sheltered harbor incredible beauty,you should give sea break here and visit antique Knidos, You can find fresh and cheap fish from the fishermen in the small pier. large stone goat fish are dentex and get coral fish. A nice lunch of fish on the menu would be perfect. Do not forget your coke and your beer as cold as ice.After this delicious dish your route is to Bodrum port. Your captain has to berthing.Your last night is again in the boat but your fun will be in Halicarnassus in Bodrum.Because When you leave the boat after breakfast tomorrow morning, Your boat will be taken to clean a few hours by staff. The boat will be prepared for the new customers who will come after you. The captain and staff will cruise you with smiling face, with good feelings , with the hope to meet in the new season after a year.


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