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Bodrum Gokova Route

1. Day Orak island
The customer of the week before the first Saturday has left the boat after the breakfast. Your boat taken care of for you, while you are completing your purchase. The captain introduces you to staff before the tour and mentioned the rules to be followed during the tour now everything is ready and heave iron. The first stop was the island of orak and your afternoon coffee ,tea and juices 5 snacks will be prepared by your chef. The first break and overnight in the sparkling waters of Orak island. The first night is important to dispose of road fatigue. That night after a fine dinner break prepared by your supervisor as a result of tea coffee break collapse complacency everyone starts fatigue symptoms. Those who wants to sleep under the stars detects where they'll sleep at the deck, those who prefers a cabin retreats into the cabin. In the first day how beautiful he sleeps it will be nice to sleep in the next day and the next day defiance. Gulets For Rent Bodrum

2. Day Cokertme
Your captain will be in his way while you're sleeping. Our second stop is bay of Cokertme. Cokertme is a small village is famous for its natural beauty and of course its song. There are tremendous views, if you top a sharp hill. You can not get enough of watching the beauty of Cokertme bay, Feslegen bend and Kargılı bend. We recommend you to go to Mazı village. You can see untouched green nature with rocks ancient trees. Gulf of Gokova fascinates you with the nature and has got nature bays. Boats for rent Bodrum

3. Day Seven islands
Early this morning Your captain is on his way again towards the seven islands such as smelling perfect tea in the presence of natural wonders. He'll pass away the south side of gulf. Fisherman of Halicarnassus Cevat Sakir stops here such as hanging in the sky to seven islands . Here is the world's center and Gokova. Seven islands are actually composed of six major islands, among them are many small islands. These good islands islands are covered with incense trees. Soak up the scent of dollars amber incense breathes. You feel it inside your body when you breath the smell of incense and amber. This an unbeliveable beauty. There are three wide bays here. Three of them named as Kufre, Babus buku and Bekar are the appropriate harbours stay overnight there. Your captain will exactly do this. We recommend to our friends who are interested in free diving are on the island to dive underwater northern Göllü is very rich, they will find lots of fish. Amazing story of the Seven islands is of evolution of the eel. Eels make a long journey lasting up to 3 years from here to Bahamas. They die there by dropping eggs. The offspring from eggs through big seas they knew nothing, they find Gokova Seven Islands. Likewise, the eel fry from Bahamas from Norway to fry the eel from the Gokova return to the seven islands. This is an amazing natural phenomena, and this cycle continues constantly. This event is another proof of God's greatness according to us. Tonight, of course, you have been around here. It'll be so hard to leave from here tomorrow. Gulet Charter Bodrum

4. Day Tuzla - Longoz
From this point your captain will take you to great nature places. After breakfast the captain will go to Tuzla bay put that has a turquoise. Now these are the bays where blue and green dots are intertwined. Whereevr you look the view looks like a as perfect postcard. In this area, you must make hiking in the woods. Your captain will be anchored to Longoz bay which has a fantastic location. Blue Tour Gokova

5. Day English Port -Sedir Island
You won't be able to see the open sea because of being at Longoz bay. You are in a bay almost turning into a forest almost like a snail shell. You say yourself Your own, how beautiful my country is unless. You can walk in nature and take plenty of photos here. When you get tired, you can rest in Ali Baba's makeshift cage. For lunch Twisting mill you move to Degırmen buku or to British ports with other name. It's a gorgeous cove. Time to pass to Cedar island for a beach break that is also called Cleopatra island, You can not see a beauty like this anywhere against a sand and the sea. A small cove, but you don't want to leave the sea. According to those described Mark Antony brought the sand on this beach of this island that has an extraordinary water for Cleopatra by ship from Africa. And your captain will be here to spend a night staying in this area now. Bodrum Boat Tours

6. Day Yalı Ciftlik – Bodrum
After breakfast your captain will depart to Yalı Cıftlık Bay for lunch. Your boat will be connected to the port of Bodrum after sea break and 5 o'clock tea and snacks which will be given here. Your last night is in the boat again. Your entertaintment is Bodrum nights. In the morning after breakfast your captain and your staff will send off you. Motoryacht for rent Bodrum

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