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About Us

Tekneturk Yachting serves boat rental service 220 gulets, 60 motroyachts, 140 sailing boats and 23 catamaran sailing boats in the portfolio of rental boats throughout the Mediterranean, Aegean and the Greek islands, Greece, Croatia, Italy, France coast. Moreover, offers brokerage services many Yachts and sailboats for sale from all over the world and Gulet boat sales from our country in the portfolio of boats for sale.You may rent all kind of boat's rental and purchase and sell boat with all kinds. All types of maintenance and repair can be done to your boat at a marina under our control and our guarantee. We can answer any questions without our request at no charge if you reach.Your questions can be about your boats you'll sell or you'll buy. Can be anything you want to ask or inquire about the maintenance of your boat. Please do not hesitate to contact with us from our contact numbers or e-mail.

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