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Bodrum Greek Islands Bodrum (14 Days )

1. Day Kos

Everything is ready for our 14-day tour of the Cyclades islands and northern Greek islands.Our captain is starting the tour saying vira anchor and bismillah after making the necessary calls to you and also boat launch.Because of the afternoon departure,The first stop is at The nearest Greek island Kos. Only 8 miles from Bodrum, considered one of the largest Greek island islands. We have an hour a way.We'll give swim break in the clean turqoise sea on the island close to the center of the bay accompanied by 5 tea and snacks. After that, the captain'll make your greece harbor entrance process by logging in to the center. At this point, Our chef has already begun preparations for the first night's dinner, after entry you can go out to visit the island.If you want to visit historical places,there are lots of. Some of them are Hippocrates tree, Asklepion, Knights Castle, the Archaeological museum. Haji Hasan Pasha mosque, Zia village are the main. There are excellent beaches and some of them are as Kardemena, Tigaki, Kefalos, Marmari, Mark.

Kos is one of the most colorful island in terms of nightlife. As well as places that makes Greek music,also teher are venues that disco techno music is available in. Hammam, Nova vita, Fantasia club, Fashion club can be counted as The main clubs.You're here tonight so enjoy your night.

2. Day Astypalea

In the morning, after a nice breakfast will be held at Kos harbor, Your captain will anchor to move to an interesting Greek island in the other name Istanbulya. The distance is approximately 40 miles from the island of Kos. This is your longest sea way in this tour. Already prepared for plenty of sunbathing and reading. We set off towards to an island that you say all in all a good candidate we are here. Astypalea is a very pleasant island mostly demanded by the Greeks not very popular, that is not much of tourists. Island is rich of fish. There is an area of 98 square km and 108 km of like coastline. Chora's the central at west coast of the island. In the center of the small harbor, it is possible to get all kinds of fresh fish from fishermen in the afternoon. Vegetables and citrus production is at top level, you can supplement fruits and vegetables to the boat. All homes with whitewash white gives beautiful images and freshness.

3. Day Amorgos - Paros

Your captain took anchor early in the morning, You'll have your breakfast on the way to the other island. Our third island is a quiet island named Amorgos, The biggest feature is the quiet coves that dot the Mediterranean if combined, after giving the seaside and lunch break on the island, a sea of emerald to island Paros. Paros is An island with excellent beaches,Parikis the city center. There are very interesting and cute villages over there, The most famous is Naoussa. Has an excellent nightlife. is enough to enter the rankings after Mykonos. You can find a lot of night clubs and bars to have fun. We leave tomorrow after lunch, plenty of fun tonight.

4. Day Naxos

After the lunch, your captain will move to the island Naxos 10 miles in 1 hour distance. There are very cute nice little villages in the island's constitution. The central area of the island is Hora a perfect place. You can find all kinds of entertainment, the fish restaurants and cafes there. Some areas of the island is very rich for diving, of course, making the record not scuba diving, you can hunt with mask, fins, snorkel. If you have a long-range thin spits roller rifle,if you can do the agoşo technique, so you can expect descending to a depth of 10-15 meters, porgy and jackfishes come upon you. Let's say you're random. There are amazing of beauty beaches on the island, occupies the entire coastline, close to 100 km in length. If you have surfing in your boat, this place is a paradise in this sense. Enjoy the sea in this waters like jewel until dark. After the excellent dinner prepared by your supervisor in your boat, have fun in the night,you'll find quality and cheap places.

5. – 6. Day Mykonos

Captain will move early in the morning, make your breakfast Instantly at cruise. Because you're going to the most beautiful island of this tour. I believe you put all love to live to see this candidate.Mykonos is an island that really peaked entertainment in the world. People living on the island and the tourists come to this island They do not get enough fun. If you request from our captain, will stay here for two days, and stay.

Amazing beaches, turquoise waters, nightlife have had top rankings the island in the world. The most famous beaches are at the southern coast of the island. If we count a few, Platis Gialos, Aglos, Parang, Kalo Livadi, Elia, Paradise are just a few. All houses, whitewashed indigo, or red-framed windows, blue Shuttered homes, hanging begonias and geraniums. It is an amazing image. Clubs and bars are packed with hundreds of people. Fun starts in the beach clubs in the afternoon, continues until the morning. Freedom has peaked. But there is no event, everyone enjoy the fun. Everybody has positive energy. They Emit all around. Incredibly fun, amazing images await you. Forget everything, just have fun but do not forget your camera. This day was the 5th day of the tour. 6. We add the 6.Day. Even in the afternoon of the 7th Day, you're going to right way to Tinos.

7. Day Tinos

Breakfast table is ready on the seventh day in the morning, so many things that have been experienced in mykonos last two days, everyone is trying to share their experiences. The Captain is watching what happened with a smile, everyone happy is happy , he thinks about to stay here one more day.If one of the quests asks to stay here for more, Captain says '' to me it does not matter for me you know whot to do'', This free environment is for you in the boat and to the end for you. Fortunately, you can take care of this part of the story in Mykonos with the captain. We've hit the road and our target is to Tinos, we're there after an hour later.

The island has a very cute nice geographical structure and is filled with fishing villages. Surroundings of the village and everywhere is lush. The fishing village means that ouzo raki and fish. But in no time, our neighbors are not able to rival our raki. Therefore, If you are going to the islands tour, if you love fish raki,going treat when stocks ,bring especially erikli water with you even particularly for raki, water on the islands do not fit you, you can not drink. Of course, this applies to the friends who drinks alcohol, soft drinks and water is enough for the ones who doesn't drink alcohol.There is a classic Greek architecture in the fishing village. And is protected by all beauty. As we mentioned in our previous tour posts, Greece sells this case in good money. We can not manage it. We finish our beautiful seaside town in the sake of rant.

We can not protect, we are hurting our lots of place every day for the sake of rant. We celebrate our neighbor Greece in this sense. They wrapped tightly to their traditions, customs, culture,they never compromise.We can not even pass in front of signs consisting the disgusting pollution because of the annuity provided by municipalities in our country. Of course these are very regrettable. You will see how simple it is and how it's done at tour of the island. Protected beauty is in incredible size. You can find many styles of music at the Bars and restaurants on the island. According to a Mykonos, you will find a nice cozy atmosphere in a quiet and beautiful places.

8.-9. Day Patmos

Our breakfast is in Tinos again in the morning,in the afternoon we take the way by taking the anchor after sea break.We're going through to Patmos island near to main land, we're here tonight,tomorrow night and the night after tomorrow night. There is a mystical aura in the Island of Patmos, the people are nice and hospitable. One day is not enough to see the beauty of this island.Because there is 4 hour cruise between the island of Tinos.

Because of this we'll stay 2 nights and a day here. St.. John wrote the last chapter of the Gospel,during exile in the island. At this time, it is rumored that Jesus appeared to him. It is a holy island for Christians.There are so nice beaches here. Patmos island is a quiet, tranquil island. If you coincide with the celebration of Easter, you can watch the staged of the last supper Jesus the prophet eating.

One important structure is the magnificent 11th century monastery. So to speak this island is known as the Jerusalem of Aegean. Sunset of the evening sun is another beautiful in the island.You should necessarily watch.

10. Day Lipsi

Your captain will move to Lipsi is a small and cute island one hour away from the island of Patmos after breakfast this morning. Another name of the island, is the donkeys island. Again, classic greek islands, whitewashed houses and blue-domed churches, are the literal images of this island. It's interesting that you can noy see any cars in the island because there are not. İt's a small island so they don't need. There is a population of 600 people. Has interesting displays around 25 islands with 6 rocky hill.Lipsi island is quiet, the people are welcoming, the sea is excellent, with plenty of fish and octopus,you'll love it. Take the advantage of the sea in abundance, you can walk everywhere around the island. We are moving to the island of Leros still an hour away in the evening.

11. Day Leros

Leros is bigger than the island Lipsi, It is close to almost double. This island has an ideal structure for those who think a in a quiet and calm holiday.Leros is a green island full of peace.The beaches in this island have nice sand. What you should know is, this island was designed by the architects of Mussolini in 1923. Has a population of 8500. Lakki is the harbour of the island, is located in a beautiful bay and connected to the center. Platonos is the island's downtown. You should go and see. Leros has existed as a place of permanent settlement since prehistoric times.It has changed hands between Italians,Germans and Turks. There are many places you can see the island sightseeing, you should definitely take time. The sea is excellent here. Swim in the sea and have sunbath. Your captain will stay here tonight, continue to visit the island of Leros after dinner, you'll enjoy so much.

12. Day Kalymnos

Your captain is acting captain earlier today, will move to island Kalymnos. It's a nice island that you'll like it so much. You have an hour way as other islands. We'll be here in Kalymnos today and also evening.

Kalymnos is an island with a population of 12,000 people,has excellent beaches. The majority of the people in the past, had won the life with sponge. Now it is not even in a limited number of sponge. sunrise and sunset is perfect on the island of Kalymnos,. Central main port is Pothier. The majority of people live here. sponges for the infected, is about to end. Now the tourism is developing. Interest to the island is increasing because of the hospitality of the island republic. Island experienced Italian and Turkish sovereignty.There are 3 museums should be visited, you should absolutely see.They're Archaeological museum, maritime museum in the world and the maritime museum.

13. Day Kalymnos - Bodrum

Today is the last day of our tour and we're staying İn Kalymnos till the afternoon. Our departue from Greek islands will be made here. After lunch, we are moving towards to our country, Bodrum. Our last night will be Bodrum nights and again we'll stay in our boat again. Tomorrow morning,after breakfast We return to the cities where we live after saying goodbye to the captain and staff. In particular, much more emotional moments experienced at the end of a two-week tours,Because you accustomed to the staff probably and the staff to you. Some eyes may be full of tears and says bye with love wishes and hope to see next year wishes are said all together.

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