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Bodrum Northern Greek Islands Route

1. Day Kos
Northern Greek island tours are usually made with a tour of the basement exit. Movement days of Gulets are usually on Saturdays. Next to exit the boat after breakfast on Saturday. 3-5 hours lost are experienced every round Saturday at the entrance to the boat because the customers of the previous week were from the boat new. And the boat has been cleaning for you. Meanwhile,after you are putting your suitcase in the boat, You have completed your weekly shopping. That day, the movement will be found in the afternoon. Your captain has started moving towards the island of Kos After making the necessary conversation.Kos is the nearest Greek island to Bodrum. You have a total of 1.5 hours one way.Your captain may start this tour from Kos or from Kalymnos.Nothing is changing. Said island is in the north almost as, there is not much distance between them, islands are close. Kos is one of the most beautiful islands of aegean of Istanjkoy if formerly. The island has a population of 32000, 10% of Turkish type this number. However, 2,000,000 people visit the island during the season. Upon arrival, on the beach lamp is very close to the port, in terms of meeting the sea, you can take a swimming break.Your captain will also do this exactly. The island's nightlife is very colorful. The streets of Nafkliro named bar in the evening is very lively and fun. In the history of the island of wealth and spices with olive oil and wine; Persians and Romans are known to have the Carians. According to historians, the island was used as a warehouse during the period of Alexander the great booty. Kos is a not small island. When you arrive, is not a place to visit in a few hours in the evening. For this reason, in your opinion of the captain taking you,will decide to stay on the island tomorrow. The beaches are excellent, entertainment life is beautiful, Enjoy including a night and a day on the island. Bodrum Greek Islands

2. Day Kalymnos  
Your captain will move to Kalymnos(kılımlı) on the second day in the afternoon. Kos is 15 nautical miles from Kalymnos, 2 hours vicinity of sailing. 5 tea snacks that will be prepared by your supervisor will will add to the pleasure separate to the beginning of the cruise. When you get to the island will be the evening, your captain will be docked direct at the port of the island's central Pothier. Beautiful beaches are Massouri, Vladi and Mirties t. A large part of the island nation, has provided long years living by the sponge. It has a nice crisp clean sea. You can sunbathe on the sea enter the fullest. In the evening, you can have fun at the seaside cafes and restaurants in the center, You can continue this entertainment on board.Greek Islands Yachts For Rent

3. Day Lipsi
After a beautiful sea bath you do when you get up in the morning on your boat, after a long excellent breakfast that your chef has prepared for you at the breakfast table,your captain holds the route to Lipsi island leaving behind on his way to visit the island of Leros ahead. Kalymnos lips is 29 miles,with your boat is around 4 hours. Of course, your captain will make the sort of island you visit, according to the weather. This distance, in order to sunbathe and read a book in your boat is a good time. Your captain can give a swimming break at the small islands in front of Lipsi island. The incredible beauty of the sea like jewel is waiting for you. Sea beach owned by the lipsi, is a crystal blue sea. Lipsia is available in a small natural harbor. The city center is the location. Image of the white houses are extraordinary. The most important feature of the Greek islands, is that they haven't distorted the character of its architecture. They depend on the customs and traditions. They sell these properties to tourists from outside. Square of the lips, apart from pleasant, cafeterias, restaurants and taverns are available. You can enjoy to the full, you can eat delicious fresh fish,lobsters, squid.You should eat edible from the lawn grass shrimp with shell with cold beer or A double raki. two large churches remaining from the 7.th and 15th century are available.You should see. Lipsi island gives a very beautiful images, Do not forget to take your camera with you when you go ashore. Humble posture of the island simplicity will captivate you. The captain will make you to spend a night here. Enjoy the island. Rental Boat Bodrum

4. Day Patmos
It's 11 nautical miles from Lipsi to the island of Patmos, is around for about an hour. So your captain may be a little late moving from Lipsia, it's up to you. The island has beautiful sea bays will be break. The most important feature of the island, is to host the Christian realm of the sacred values. The island's center is John monastery. This monastery has been accepted by UNESCO as a world heritage site. St. John During his stay in this monastery in exile, Jesus was seen him. This subject is mentioned in the New Testament in Revelation. John is one of the pearls author Although the Saints in Christian kingdom. You can spend the night here to because of your captain's decision.

5. Day Leros
Your captain will sail into the early hours in the morning to Leros while you are sleeping. Island with an alias Pserimos island is 19 knots, Then you have 2.5 hours to sea. Leros is a beautiful mountainous green island. There are features unseen in very Greek island. Island is famous with Fish and fish restaurants.Platonos is central of this island. You can see the castle of Leros If you can not afford to leave the staircase of 300 steps. All centers, narrow streets, with very steep stairs and flower gardens create amazing images. A church in the middle of the sea will attract your attention. There is a narrow road transportation to church. In this sense, it is an interesting island. But you will love it, every corner has an image of peace of mind. If you hire a motorbike or bicycle, you will have the chance to wander all over the island. You will see pleasant spaces located in our country in the past years with Shabby but very clean cafeterias,wooden indigo blue table with chairs and tables. We unfortunately, have given the western end of our many value wannabes. You can see how important it is to keep Factors in the Greek islands and You can be sure we can say what we do.You should see these islands,you will really relax As millions of tourists every year come and take great pleasure in the view. Overnight will be held on the island. Bodrum Yachts For Rent

6. Day Kalymnos - Bodrum
Today by the checkout from Leros after breakfast according to your preference on the way,your captain may give lunch and sea break in Kalimnos or Our main land in AKYARLAR.It's hard to enter Bodrum port when it's evening time. Overnight will be held in the boat, you can enjoy the evening in Bodrum at night,you enjoy being in our country.After breakfast in the morning, you, the captain and the staff experience the last bye separation from each other. Remarkably, sometimes our clients, his eyes filled with tears during this separation but the won friendship and love of the sea prevail, is left with a hope to meet you again next year, received images, videos remain as memories.Boats For Rent Bodrum

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